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About Family Pet Shop

     Opening a pet shop in 1972 on a proverbial "shoestring budget" was an adventure unto its own. I would quickly learn that just loving critters was not the only criteria - What to stock. What critters to sell. Finances. Location. Hours. Incorporate or not to incorporate. All this and a FAMILY to raise. Was I nuts? 40 years later, we are still trying to figure that last one out... Oh well.

     I had a lot to learn when we first opened our shop, and I'm still learning a lot today from many of the different employees we have had over the years, and yes, from our customers as well. I love to hear about how my customers have rescued and saved the lives of many of their pets. My philosophy is: If you listen, you will learn.

     Many customers are amazed that our small shop is still at the same location inside the Westgate Mall where they got their first fish tank, kitten, gerbil, guinea pig, bird, etc. from us. It is a joy to know that these very people are the reason we are still opened for business. Satisfied customers who appreciate the customer service we offer and our knowledge of our livestock and products keep us going. Do we have all the answers? Probably not, but we do our best to help them get those answers and the right product to solve their problem.

     My children grew up at the Family Pet Shop, so a lot of their knowledge is second nature to them. They have owned almost every domestic pet we had for sale, so we had critters at the shop to care for AND many at home to care for as well. Now, my grandchildren (hard to believe I'm that old) also own an array of pets. It must run in the FAMILY.

     We intend to continue our journey for another generation or so. This all, we feel, is due to our faith in GOD.